Drive | A True Partnership

Our top priority is our partners & the members they serve.

We believe that trust & dependability are the cornerstones of any true partnership.

You handle the sales, We handle the risk & service while providing you a partner sized split up to 40%.

Receive residual commissions for the life of the memberships even if the customer cancels & sign up with us

“If you sell something, you make a customer today. If you help someone, you make a customer for life”

          –Jay Baer

“The best and quickest way to succeed is by helping others to succeed.“

         – Napolean Hill

Drive | increased profit

The average agency increases their companies profit by 32% in the first 12 months of working with us.


Agency sells 18,000 car insurance policies annually, equating to $12M in premium.  12% Commission = $1.4M

Agency adds DRIVE to 18,000 car policies a month equating to  $1.8M in premium. 40% Commission = $720K

Increased profits

Drive | Partner Dashboard

Manage agencies Sale







Manage commissions

Run detailed reports







track payouts

Drive | More than roadside

In addition to the traditional 24/7 phone support, our industry-leading

roadside assistance app provides members the ability to skip the traditional time-consuming pre-rescue verification process. We enable users to share their membership information and exact location with our closest roadside providers instantly. Members also have the ability to view their rescue truck on a live

map until it arrives (Which has been proven to reduce stress levels). Members can also access additional app features to find mechanics, order rides, rent  cars, set insurance payment reminders, find the lowest priced gas stations and more…

Drive | increased retention

Quickly build an automated book of business/residual income with automatic payments & renewals.

Claims won’t increase car insurance rates, which helps prevent clients from shopping around at renewal.

We provided members outstanding service in moments that matter most, which creates customer loyalty

Enter some basic information on our partner portal and wait for one of our

territory managers to contact you. While you wait you can take a tour of your

Partner dashboard and its capabilities.

Sign up

Once approved you will receive a custom web-link which will be used to track sales & analytics. This link will be in your dashboard and can be shared and added to your website.

Access Web portal

Use your new custom link to start processing sales.

Start Selling

we cover you in any car 

usage won't increase Car insurance RATES

request help faster & track rescue truck using our app

24/7 Roadside assistance phone support


11 Million+ Drivers rescued each year​​


Technology Driven Roadside Assistance.





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